Ransomware Real Life Stories Effect on People

Ransomware Real Life Stories Effect on People

Robert Cioffi, CEO of a leading NY MSP and discusses ransomware real life stories effect on people, ransomware shocking toll on people from a real life victim perspective, and the ransomware impact on real life small business.

We discuss ransomware what it feels like to be a victim and the ransomware impact on real life individuals.

A compelling emotional story of how his company was attacked by REVIL in the infamous KASEYA breach, his depicted of what it feels like to watch ransomware live. The Kaseya breach effected over 1500 businesses in the US.

More than 2500 users who Robert Cared about, many of whom were friends and customers across the US and Europe, all were harmed in a matter of minutes.

Robert shares an eyewitness account and tells the story of the emotional journey of trauma, triage, rebuilding and persistence through a remarkable recovery.

Watch a short snippit of Robert and the CCJ team discuss this topic (click on image below).


It was July 2, 2021. Friday. Just before the long weekend. With plans his wife made to join friends at barbecues and to go on a boat down the Hudson river, LIFE WAS GOOD. Peaceful.

Robert and his wife had met each year to do their annual and 5-year plans. What happened next blew up everything they had dreamed of and planned for.

And we all know this could be us.


A Life Lesson for us All. Robert's Story.

Storytelling. It helps us understand the meaning within the context of something we can all relate.
This quick story is a Real-life example of demonstrated leadership, character and Integrity.
How does it make you feel when you meet ,and can see, how people just like you handle a catastrophic crisis with empathy and character?
Want to be INSPIRED? Knowing this true story of heroism that in everyday small business will help us all be better people in the face if trauma and emergency. One that demonstrates integrity, fearlessness, empathy, and humanity. A story of integrity, not for the sake of image or PR, but one centered upon helping those around us.
Question: How would you react when Stuff Hits the Fan? When your entire professional career, personal finances, and everything you knew and loved EVAPORATES in less than an hour?
Think you have nerves of STEEL? I’d love to think I would, but I know when life gets real, fear, panic, emotions and even shame can cloud our judgment in a true real-life CRISIS.  
Would stay cool in a TRIAGE situation when everything you knew and loved was gone in an instant?
NOT Hypothetical. This is REAL.


On a warm New York summer day, the breeze was ever-so-slight and humidity low, unlike the muggy NYC summer dog days that often occur. Robert was having lunch with a friend, talking about the July 4th Holiday that was coming up in just a few short hours.

Leadership and Dream Building

Robert had started his small company with a college friend where they loved coding and technology. 25 years earlier they started by creating applications in a platform called CLIPPER and found they could make a living at it helping organizations in their digital journey.

Back then they didn’t have IT Managed Service Providers MSPs, but over time his firm grew and they become one that served and supported over 2500 people very day.

Robert cared. Cared about his family, his co-workers, and the people his firm supported. They were mostly small businesses just like his.

He loves this country. He adores the freedom to build something from nothing. Draped behind his desk was a large American Fag. As a second-generation Italian American, this means a great deal more than the materials it is made from. It symbolizes sacrifice, dreams and inspiration. It happened to Robert Cioffi. And it’s relevant to each of us in IT and Security.



Friends and family with military, EMS and first responder experience know exactly what it’s like.

To Run TOWARD the Fire, Bullets and Epic Center, not run away from it. When people are running away, these people run opposite, the type that ran up the world trade center on 9/11.

It’s not by accident that Robert keeps a huge American Flag behind his desk at work.

It’s about a belief to PROTECT OTHERS who have trusted you. Do sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. Honor. Integrity.

We want you to meet ROBERT CIOFFI. Listen or watch his story. Links are below. Honestly, even if you don’t watch our interview and watch his other interviews, it would be fine.

Why? Because his story is one of the greatest, most inspirational ones in the Cybersecurity community today.

His New York City MSP was hit in the Infamous KASEYA VSA Ransomware attack back oon July 2, 2021.

Face to face with REVIL Ransomware gang. Something most we only read about in the news. Here. REVIL comes into your life, on your computer screen, effecting your employment, you friends, your family and everything you love.

How would we react? Would we still be around? Just a few short years later? How? How would losing every you built effect your personal lives?

There are great human life lessons here we can all learn from. Whether just starting out in IT and security, or a seasoned vet in business, sales, marketing and cyber space.



It could happen to any one  of us.

All of us use products.

This could happen to anyone using a deigital product or tool made by someone else

This was the infamous KASEYA VSA attack on MSPs. The Massive attack by REVIL

And remarkably, it ‘s a real-life example of the epitome of INTEGRITY.

Integrity to me has always meant one simple thing: doing what is right when nobody else is looking or would find out. While I always haven’t done the right thing, I know we can all change and every day when I meet people like Robert they inspire me to be better.

We hope this inspires you too.



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